About us, our company and our nunchaku skills.

Company evolution History 2008-2020

(DBA) SKITCH (Grafenwöhr)
Graphic Art, illustrations, Graphic Design, Art Gallery, T-Shirts and Apparel, Skateboard Pro Shop, Skate Brand & Vape Shop
(DBA) SKATE INK VAPE (Grafenwöhr)
(SIV) Graphic Art, illustrations, Web-design, Tattoo Design, Skate Brand & Vape Shop
(DBA) Skate & INK (Grafenwöhr)
Skateboard Proshop, Custom Design t-shirts printing & Tattoo Parlor (Tattoos in partnership with Johnny Tattoo)
(DBA) Cartoontank Skate (Hahnbach)
(CTS) T-shirts & Skateboard brand
(DBA) Cartoontank Studio (Hahnbach)
Custom Design for tattoos & buisness related graphics flyers, business cards etc.
(DBA) Cartoontank (Hahnbach)
Art Prints, Graphic Design on printable medias ie. cellphone and tablet cases, shower curtains, pillow cases, bags and murals
*DBA (Christopher A. Leach Doing business as)

Mission statement

Christopher A. Leach started this company in 2008 as a side project because of his love of art. Today we have had many customers that came to us for all their drawing, design needs such as Business Papers (Card, Stationary, etc.), Brochures, Posters/Banners/Signs, Custom Invitations, Logo & Tattoo designs just to name a few. Creating a new brand or making an existing one look better? We do all of that. We do not print here, we do all the graphics needed for you to bring them to a printer of your choice.


We are more than just your average Graphic Art Design Studio. What is a design studio? Well a design studio is a workplace for designers and artisans engaged in conceiving, designing and developing new products or objects. That is what we are, but we are so much more, specializing in creating something special and unique that embodies your vision and personality wrapped up in our design. We love to create, we love to show color and life in our work. We have as of January-1st-2019 become much more selective about jobs we take for graphic design. This doesn’t mean that we will not work with you, it just means due to time and current work load we reserve the right to deny any Jobe offer given.


Just as everything in life, we are growing and evolving into something more then we where yesterday. 2015 was our year of Change and 2019 will be our year of growth. 2020 is our year of expansion and solidifying our brand and name.


Today’s business world demands that we provide you with better products and services at competitive prices. And acting responsibly and ethically is just as crucial. Integrity and compliance with the regulations and standards that govern our global business sphere are therefore essential. At SKITCH we are aware of our responsibility and act accordingly. For us, sustainability is not just a trend, it has been a firmly established part of our business ethics code right from the start.


SKITCH is committed to global environmental protection through our ecologically responsible management and operations. We strive to continuously improve our environmental footprint by conserving resources, reducing waste, and using water, energy and raw materials as efficiently as possible.


We do NOT work with subcontractors, because we want to assure optimal quality control. Christopher A. Leach carefully and diligently screens the manufacturers’ occupational safety policies and practices on a regular basis.


Our clothing and accessories comply with the requirements of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. In addition, we operate in accordance with the principles and codes of the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP®) organization. The principles, requirements and regulations are considered extremely important and are strictly implemented by our company and our business partners.


In closing we are a company that loves what we do, we create, we work hard & we play hard, we care about the quality of service to the extent of ourselves. We put a great deal of who we are in everything we do. Thanks for stopping by and reading about our “Badass Little shop” oh yeah….our nunchaku skills, they are on par with Napoleon Dynamite 🙂


Any questions at all please feel free to contact us.

Services & Product Information

As a few customers have said “this is ONE Bad Ass Little Shop” and we like to think that too! If you are wondering what others think of our little slice of Awesomeness I invite you to visit our reviews page, real people real opinions. What do we do here? We are a specialty shop we offer Imported Premium Vape products, Pro Skateboards and accessories and T-shirts, we have a Graphic Design Studio. you can read more about each Service we offer below.


“Push the pretzel” The Shop is open Tuesday through Saturday 10:00-18:00. We are closed on Sunday, Monday & GERMAN holidays however we are open most U.S holidays. If you are not sure what day, year or month it is feel free to check our Instagram or Facebook for updates.


Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day!! 🙂 -Chris

Skateboarding Pro-Shop. Seasonal means we restock Skate stuff May-November and have limited stock December-April. We carry a nice selection of complete Pro-Decks to include brands such as Habitat, Santa-Cruz, Creature, Foundation, Toy Machine, Skate Mental, Powell Peralta and others. We also carry selected Longboards for you crazy downhill types. We also carry Grip, Bearings, Helmets, Skate wax, Skate tools, Nuts bolts, bushings and more. Our Skate Pro-Shop is fully stocked and ready. Come on in and see our Goodies. As usual all Decks come with free JESSUP Griptape!! and make sure you stop by in May 2020 we are expanding the skateboard shop 3 times as big! Normally if DHL delivers on time we can usually provide next day pick up at the shop all orders made before 12pm Tuesday-Friday. YES we sponsor LOCAL Skaters if you feel you have what it takes send up a skate video of your best tricks Facebook Page or E-Mail if our current team approves of your “badassness” (not a real word) you could be sponsored by The Shop.


Vape Shop: We carry a large selection of over 500 premium vape juice flavors from the USA and Assorted premium vape juices from around the world. All Juices are “Short Fill” meaning they contain ZERO Nicotine (NIC), If you require nicotine we offer Premium NIC Shots in pure base and Salt Nic forms at an additional cost. We also carry 100 different flavors of “High Nic” Salt Nic (MAX EU strength is 20mg). YES we carry the JUUL & My Blu Flavors and devices, We also Carry Mods, Tanks, Atomizers, Batteries , Coil building kits, Cotton and countless other accessories for your vaping needs. Our Shops Vape Juice Flavor list. Our Shops CBD/HEMP Product list. This is not a full service vape shop and what we mean by that is, This is a tiny shop we do not offer Testers and all juice is sealed from factory to ensure that you are receiving the best quality direct from the Juice companies. However we do test every single flavor before we put it on the shelves. A Group of 10-15 people test each flavor and give us feed back if its worth putting in the shop. Most juices in the shop were recommended by customers just like you! so if you have a Brand you really like we would love to hear about it. Who knows maybe we can get it in here 🙂 You also cannot mix your Nicotine in your Juice in the shop, for a few good reasons, one being not everyone can handle mixing their juice without making a mess and we spent many years getting this shop looking like it is….the last thing we need is a “OOOOPS gotta paper towel bro” (yes it happened all the time) thanks for your understanding 🙂



Apparel: we carry Officially Licensed Old school Rock & Roll Band T-shirts by Liquid blue, Element Skateboards & DC Skateboarding Caps, Beanies, T-shirts and assorted nick knacks. The Shop T’s are designed & drawn by us here at the shop. Our Bros at Rebel Rockers Screen print our shirts and hoodies for us.


Graphic Design & Illustrations: We offer Custom Designs for pretty much everything Tattoos, T-shirts, Logos, Business cards, Flyers, Web based advertising graphics, Illustration. We do not make Tattoo Designs for every single tattoo artist. We care deeply about the quality and the artistic aspect of tattooing therefore we will not make a design for you without seeing who your artist is. Design fee is charged by different criteria: SIZE (for example: forearm, full back, chest , small tattoo, under boob, shoulder) complexity and style (traditional, realistic, mandala, cartoon, illustrated, Vector). You can write us on our Instagram or Facebook us just open up a chat and send us a brief description of what you are looking for, and any ideas you would like to show us. then when you come into the shop for a consultation we will already have some information for you. You may also come into the shop and talk with our in house Illustrator and graphic artist. We do not give any form of price estimates over the phone or any type of social media. If you decide to work with us on your design after your free consultation you will need to put a 60 Euro Downpayment (non-refundable) to get the ball rolling. ABSOLUTELY nothing will happen without a downpayment.



In closing we have a very friendly clean professional atmosphere that makes you want to come in and sit in our nice big couch and just chill! When you come visit us don’t forget your manners. If you don’t like Skateboards, Art, T-shirts or Vaping it’s okay come and say hi anyway we will convince you why they are awesome. Also we like to joke around and we always enjoy meeting new people.


Oh…. wait….. Before I forget I will reiterate We do not give DESIGN Price estimates over Phone, Fax, Facebook, E-mail, Instagram or any other way of communication besides you physically being at the shop. Also we do not answer Facebook chat messages outside of our working hours, so if we don’t get back to you because its 0300 in the morning don’t worry as soon as the shop is open we will happily answer all your questions. Have a RAD day, hope to see you soon.

*All Art on this site belong to their respective artist if you would like more info or to view their portfolios please look in the art gallery for more info or you could write us write a message on Instagram or Facebook.