CLICK & Collect UPDATE JAN-5-2021

Hey Guy’s & Gal’s

Happy NEW YEAR!!!! I hope everyone was safe and had a rad time.


Jan-5th-2021 the German Government has extended the Lockdown for three more weeks. This is super Crappy for all of us, however they have allowed small businesses to offer “click and collect” which basically means you guys still have to make your orders through Instagram or Facebook.  We will not be accepting Phone or WhatsApp orders you may call the shop if you have a question about some thing but if you want to actually place an order you have to do it over Instagram or Facebook. The reason for that is the IG and FB are in the shop and WhatsApp is not. There are only 2-3 people taking orders packing orders and answering the phone, thank you for your underdstanding. But the good news is you can pick up your order at the shop.


We will start accepting orders at 10 o’clock on Monday, January 11 and continue this service as long as needed or as long as we’re allowed to. We will be open Monday, January 11 however after the 11th we will resume our normal operating hours which are Tuesday through Saturday 10 to 1800.


We are really sorry that you are an allowed to come into the shop still, We have to work within the laws of the German government and respect the lockdown restrictions. So unfortunately if you have not made your order online we will not be able to help you at the door. So please make sure you order everything you need before coming to the shop. If you have forgotten something just make another order and will package it up for you and bring it to you at the door.


We would prefer if you used euro cash as we did with the delivery / drop off, but if you need to use your card please have a valid form of ID. NO Apple Pay or Google pay.


Important The name that you use for your profile will be the order name that we put on the bag unless you tell us otherwise.


Make sure to follow our Instagram or Facebook page to stay up to date with the business changes during this lockdown.

Be well and keep smiling 🙂
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