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Product Description

Power range: 16W


Nord 50W kit (Nord 50W empty RPM pod)
RPM 4 kit (RPM 4 RPM pod)
IPX 80 kit (IPX80 RPM pod)
Nord 4 Kit (Nord 4 RPM Pod),
Thallo & Thallo S Kit (Thallo Empty RPM Pod),
Nord X Kit (Nord X Empty RPM Pod),
RPM 2 Kit & RPM 2S Kit (RPM 2 Empty RPM Pod),
SCAR-P3 Kit (SCAR-P3 Empty RPM Pod),
SCAR-P5 Kit (SCAR-P5 Empty RPM Pod),
RPM Lite Kit,
Alike Kit (Alike Empty RPM Pod),
Pozz X Kit,
Nord 2 Kit (Nord 2 RPM Pod),
Fetch Pro Kit (Fetch Pro RPM Pod),
RPM80 Kit & RPM80 pro Kit (RPM80 RPM Pod),
Fetch Mini Kit (Fetch Mini Empty RPM Pod),
RPM40 Kit (RPM Standard Pod)
Morph pod-40 kit
Stick R22 kit

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