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Salba Tiger Pop VX 9.25


Product Description

Modern Pool style deck with the classic Tiger by Jim Phillips from Salba’s late 80s iconic deck. What de we mean by modern pool deck – nice and fat but not sloppy huge and with a touch of shape too it. You know, thick and curvy in all the right places. Not too different from a popsicle but you can spot the nose at a glance and that nose is big ‘n’ modern enough for any technical tricks you can do.

-Width: 9.25

-Wheelbase: 14

-Nose: 7.25

-Tail: 7.0

-Concave: Medium

VX decks are thinner, stronger, and have more pop than standard 7-ply decks featuring 5 plies of North American Maple and 2 layers of Quad X technology.

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