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How we got here “The History of the BIZ”

Welcome, fine human and thank you for stopping by. This is the all-encompassing “About us” section and we go into more detail about what this shop is all about. It all started in 2008 as a side project because of my love for art and all things creative. I started this business out of a little 3×4 meter room in my apartment in Sulzbach-Rosenberg. It has been a slow grind from 2008 till now. My friends, family, and great customers over the years have given me so much that I could never repay. Their kindness and dedication to supporting my ideas is irreplaceable. I could never truly thank them enough. I have finally found my happy place like a baby panda sleeping safely in its very aggressive mother’s arms lol.

Over the years, the names may have changed, but the goal is the same. Create honest, trustworthy relationships with creative people that are passionate about something. The words, “Lift others up around you so, in turn, they lift you up” is a core belief of mine. Not only do we care about what we sell, but we also use the products we sell.

We look all over the world for the best products we can find at affordable prices. 90% of our rock & roll t-shirts, skateboards and vape products are all imported from the U.S.A., U.K., and Canada. Don’t expect to find cheap, crappy products in this store. Quality and durability are the main focuses of our products here. If you have had a great experience with a brand and we don’t carry it, let us know. Many of the products in our current stock have been recommended by people like you.

Being environmentally responsible is also something we care about. We only have one Earth, and we need to take care of her. Skitch invests in only green renewable energy, and we recycle everything. We hope you do the same.

We are a group of people that love what we do. We create, we work hard & play hard, we care about the quality of service to the extent of ourselves. We put a great deal of who we are in everything we do. Thanks for stopping by and reading about our “Badass Little shop”. Oh yeah, our nunchaku skills; they are on par with Napoleon Dynamite. Skitch is owned and operated by artists, skaters, athletes, graphic designers, and the main thing that we all have in common is our passion for what we do. Today, we have many customers that come to us for all kinds of different reasons. Below you will find all about what we carry in the shop and why we love it all. Be well, my friends, and keep smiling.

15 Years!! Supporting The Skateboarding & Art Community Since 2008

2021 Skitch Skate Shop (Skitch GmbH)

2020 Skitch

2018 SIV (Skate Ink Vape)

2017 Skate Ink Vape

2016 Skate & Ink

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2013 Cartoontank Studio & Cartoontank Skate

2011 Cartoontank Studio

2008 Cartoontank

Wall of Goofballs 2015-2019

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