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Why a Skateshop?

My story goes back a few decades, to say the least. It was around 1984 when I was a wee lad, also about 95 pounds lighter, and received my first skateboard. Some of you may remember the old school “penny board” with clay wheels and a small square piece of grip-tape right in the middle of the deck. It was red and made of plastic. I loved that skateboard.

Passion is all you need. You don’t have to be an amazing, pro-level skater to enjoy skateboarding. People of all ages can enjoy the adrenaline rush and the feeling of accomplishment when you land your first Ollie, Kickflip, or a Halfcab Noseslide Nollie Heelflip Out LOL. There’s no need for a super-expensive deck either; just grab a cheap one and wreck that thing. My love for skateboarding is why I have a skate shop. If you have a cool picture or story, let us know. Road rash doesn’t care how good you are; it is an equal opportunity employer.

My love for art and skateboarding go hand in hand. Both need a certain amount of creativity and talent to achieve better than average, and I appreciate that. I remember the excitement as a kid going into a local skate shop. So many options, so many cool designs, possibilities are endless. Here, at this little shop located in Bavaria, Germany, I try to replicate that feeling so I can share it with all the new generations of skaters. I love what I do, and I want that passion to be seen in the way I run my shop.

Skateboarding is about the people you meet and friendships you create. Road trips, packing in a tiny car, and hitting up some skateparks 100-200 miles away. The gnarly hills you bomb, the amount of peroxide you use to help heal your road rash, that adrenaline rush, the internal fortitude it takes to be able to do a certain trick. It takes hard work and dedication, it is a prime example of busting your ass doing what you love. I am sure you can tell I am all about the feeling of skating, not the fashion. We want to embody the spirit of “The Search for Animal Chin”. Oh… You don’t know that movie? Look it up on YouTube. 🙂

Are you searching for a reliable and trustworthy skate shop that carries all your skateboarding essentials? Look no further than us! Our store is truly dedicated to the skateboarding community, and we have everything you need to take your passion for skateboarding to the next level.

We pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of skateboard completes and decks from all the trusted brands, but we don’t stop there. Our inventory boasts a wide variety of longboards, bearings, helmets, nuts, bolts, bushings, skate wax, skate tools, and more. We even have t-shirts, hoodies, and book bags in stock for those looking to represent their love for skateboarding. Our Skate Pro-Shop is always on point and fully stocked.

We also sponsor local skaters who show true passion and drive. If you’re interested, send us a link to your skate video and tag us on Instagram or Facebook @Skitch.crew. If our current Skitch crew approves of your awesome tricks, we could be offering you a sponsorship opportunity!

We are proud to support local skate competitions and are active in local youth summer skate camps and skate competitions. Come visit us and take a peek at all our goodies – and remember, all our complete setups come with free grip tape! See everything we currently have in stock on our Online Menu

Why Rock and roll t-shirts?

“When I was approximately 8 or 9 years old, I attended a Grateful Dead concert with my mother. She purchased my first Grateful Dead shirt from the Liquid Blue T-Shirt Company while there. Since the late 1980s, I have always obtained a new t-shirt from them when they are present at a show. My mother also obtained several t-shirts from the shop while attending concerts. It is thrilling for me to sell these fantastic t-shirts from a reputable company that has been around since the 80s.

Music always played a significant role in my life. In my memory, my family always played music together, attended concerts, and enjoyed the good vibes that music provides. My parents were enthusiastic Deadheads and took me to my first Dead show when I was eight years old. They introduced me to numerous notable bands like Steve Miller Band, ZZ-Top, Led Zeppelin, and many others. I have seen some fantastic shows in my lifetime. My point is that I believe music is the soul’s language that also carries over to art.

We carry officially licensed Liquid Blue t-shirts as well as DC, Element, and Thrasher t-shirts and hoodies. Our t-shirt designs come in S, M, L, XL, XXL, with some in 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL depending on demand. We restock our t-shirt designs every three to four months. All Liquid Blue t-shirts are officially licensed by Liquid Blue in Derry, New Hampshire, USA. We also carry a range of bags, hats, belts, wallets, and other clothing accessories.” See everything we currently have in stock on our Online Menu