My story goes back a few decades to say the least. Around 1984 when I was a wee lad also about 220 pounds lighter I received my first skateboard, some of you may remember the old school “penny board” with clay wheels and a small square piece of grip-tape right in the middle of the deck, it was red and made of plastic. I loved that skateboard.


My love for Art and Skateboarding go hand in hand, both need a certain amount of creativity and talent to achieve better than average and I appreciate that. I remember the excitment as a kid going into a local skate shop, so many options so many cool designs possibilities were endless. Here at this little shop located in Bavaria, Germany I try to replicate that feeling so I can share it with all the new generations of skaters. I love what I do and I want that passion to be seen in the way I run my shop.

Skateboarding is about the people that you meet and friendships you create. Road-trips, packing in a tiny car and hitting up some skateparks 100-200 miles away. Meeting crazy people and staying up all night “Life is Peachy” (inside joke) hahahahaha. The gnarly hills you bomb, the amount of peroxide you use to help heal your road rash, that adrenaline rush, internal fortitude it takes to be able to do a certain trick. it takes hard work and dedication, it is a prime example of busting your ass doing what you love. I am sure you can tell I am all about the feeling of skating not the fashion. we want to embody the spirit of “The search for animal chin” oh… you don’t know that movie?!? Go to the bottom of this page and watch it, not only was it one of my most fav skate videos as a kid but it is in fact a staple of the skate world.


When I was a kid I got pulled over by a park ranger because I was bombing a hill on my ‘Vision Gator’ in the Shenandoah National Park the park ranger said “you were speeding! How old are you? I couldn’t believe what I saw I had to look twice!!…..Where is your mother?” Well in my mothers defense she didn’t tell me I could do it I was just a strong willed 13 year old. I like going fast, I did not like falling but I did and I got back up and did it again (ahh the feeling of being indestructible)


Passion is all you need, you don’t have to be an amazing pro-level skater to enjoy skateboarding. People of all ages can can enjoy the adrenaline rush, the feeling of accomplishment when you land your first Ollie, Kickflip or a Halfcab Noseslide Nollie Heelflip Out lol. No need for a a super expensive deck either, just grab a cheap one and wreck that thing. My love for Skateboarding is why I have a Skate shop nothing more, if you have a cool picture or story lets us know. Road rash doesn’t care how good you are, it is an equal opportunity employer.

A Core Skate Shop. We have what you need to skate, you won’t find a skate fashion shop here. We keep our stock pretty full year around and we carry a nice selection of completes and decks to include brands such as Element, Girl, Zoo-York, Habitat, Santa-Cruz, Creature, Foundation, Toy Machine, Skate Mental, Powell Peralta and a crap ton of others.


We also carry selected Longboards for you crazy downhill types. We also carry Grip, Bearings, Helmets, Skate wax, Skate tools, Nuts bolts, bushings and more. Our Skate Pro-Shop is fully stocked and ready. Come on in and see our Goodies. All complete setups come with free Grip-tape! .If you are in the shop and you don’t see what you need let us know.


We also sponsors local skaters, if you feel you have the passion and the drive send us a link to your skate video of your best tricks to our IG or Facebook: @Skitch.crew if the current Skitch Crew approves of your “badassness” (not a real word) you could be sponsored by the Shop. We are also active in supporting the local skate scene. If you know of a local skate competition and you need sponsors come talk with us. We have been active in many youth summer skate camps.