Welcome fine human and thank you for stopping by. This is the all encompassing “About us” section and we go into more detail about what this shop is all about. This all started in 2008 as a side project because of my love of art and all things creative.

I started this business out of a little 3×4 meter room in my apartment in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, it has been a slow grind from 2008 till now. My friends, family and great customers over the years have given me so much that I could never repay, their kindness dedication to supporting my ideas is irreplaceable. I could never truly thank them enough.

My business changed names 6 times since 2008 because I always felt I could do more or I could be better. Now in 2021 I have found my happy place like a baby panda sleeping safely in its very aggressive mothers arms.

Over the years the names changed but my goal is the same. Create honest, trustworthy relationships with creative people that have a passion for something.

The words “Lift others up around you so in turn they lift you up” has been my motto since high school.

Not only do we care about what we sell we also use the products we sell. We look all over the world for the best products we can find at affordable prices. 90% of our Rock & Roll T-Shirts, Skateboards and Vape & HEMP products are all imported from U.S.A, U.K and Canada. Don’t expect to find cheap crappy products in this store. Quality and durability are the main focuses of our products here. If you have had a great experience with a brand and we don’t carry it let us know. Many of the products in our current stock have been recommended by people like you.

Being environmentally responsible is also something we care about, we only have one earth we need to take care of her. Skitch invests in only green renewable energy and we recycle everything. We hope you do the same.

We are a group of people that love what we do, we create, we work hard & we play hard, we care about the quality of service to the extent of ourselves. We put a great deal of who we are in everything we do. Thanks for stopping by and reading about our “Badass Little shop” oh yeah….our nunchaku skills, they are on par with Napoleon Dynamite.

Skitch is owned and operated by Artists, Skaters, Athletes, Graphic designers and the main thing that we all have in common is our passion and love for what we do. Today we have had many customers that come to us for all kinds of different reasons. Below you will find all about what we carry in the shop and why we love it all. Be well my friends and keep smiling.                                                                                                                                                                     

My story goes back a few decades to say the least. Around 1984 when I was a wee lad also about 220 pounds lighter I received my first skateboard, some of you may remember the old school “penny board” with clay wheels and a small square piece of grip-tape right in the middle of the deck, it was red and made of plastic. I loved that skateboard.

Passion is all you need, you don’t have to be an amazing pro-level skater to enjoy skateboarding. People of all ages can can enjoy the adrenaline rush, the feeling of accomplishment when you land your first Ollie, Kickflip or a Halfcab Noseslide Nollie Heelflip Out lol. No need for a a super expensive deck either, just grab a cheap one and wreck that thing. My love for Skateboarding is why I have a Skate shop nothing more, if you have a cool picture or story lets us know. Road rash doesn’t care how good you are, it is an equal opportunity employer.

My love for Art and Skateboarding go hand in hand, both need a certain amount of creativity and talent to achieve better than average and I appreciate that. I remember the excitement as a kid going into a local skate shop, so many options so many cool designs possibilities were endless.

Here at this little shop located in Bavaria, Germany I try to replicate that feeling so I can share it with all the new generations of skaters. I love what I do and I want that passion to be seen in the way I run my shop.


Skateboarding is about the people that you meet and friendships you create. Road-trips, packing in a tiny car and hitting up some skateparks 100-200 miles away. The gnarly hills you bomb, the amount of peroxide you use to help heal your road rash, that adrenaline rush, internal fortitude it takes to be able to do a certain trick. it takes hard work and dedication, it is a prime example of busting your ass doing what you love. I am sure you can tell I am all about the feeling of skating not the fashion. we want to embody the spirit of “The search for animal chin” oh… you don’t know that movie?!? Go to the bottom of this page and watch it, not only was it one of my most fav skate videos as a kid but it is in fact a staple of the skate world.

We are a core skate shop, we have what you need to skateboard. You won’t find a skate fashion shop here (we do sell t-shirts and hoodies some book bags but the focus is on Skateboards). We keep our stock pretty full year around and we carry a nice selection of completes and decks from all the brands you know and have come to trust.

We also carry selected Longboards for you crazy downhill types. We also carry Grip, Bearings, Helmets, Skate wax, Skate tools, Nuts bolts, bushings and more. Our Skate Pro-Shop is fully stocked and ready. Come on in and see our Goodies. All complete setups come with free Grip-tape! If you are in the shop and you don’t see what you need let us know.

We also sponsors local skaters, if you feel you have the passion and the drive send us a link to your skate video of your best tricks to our IG or Facebook: @Skitch.crew if the current Skitch Crew approves of your “badassness” (not a real word) you could be sponsored by the Shop. We are also active in supporting the local skate scene. If you know of a local skate competition and you need sponsors come talk with us. We have been active in local youth summer skate camps and Skate competitions.

When I was about 8-9 years old (roughly) I was at a dead concert, and my mom bought me my first Dead shirt from the lovely people at Liquid Blue t-shirt company. This was in the late 80ies and since then I always picked up a new shirt from them whenever they were at a concert. My mom has quite a few of the t-shirts I have in the shop except she got them at the concerts. I am super thrilled to be able to sell these awesome t-shirts from a great company that has been trucking since the 80ies.


Music has always been a huge thing in my life. As far back as I can remember my family was always playing music together going to concerts and really chilled out on the good vibes that music brings you. When I was a kid about 8 years old I went to my First Dead show (my parents are pretty big deadheads till this day). Because of my amazing parents I was lucky enough to be dragged to see many great bands like The Grateful Dead, The Who, Steve Miller band, Bella fleck and the fleck-tones, The Cars, Rusted Root, Dave Mathews, The Cure, Slipknot, Rammstein, Limp Bizket (before they sucked),

Led Zeppelin, Everclear, ZZ-Top, Dog Eat Dog, Slash, Shinedown, and many  more I think you are picking up what I am putting down….I have seen some shows lol. The point I am trying to make is that I feel music is the language of the soul and that carries over into the art as well.


We carry Officially Licensed Liquid Blue T-Shirts as well as  DC & ELEMENT  T-shirts and hoodies. We carry most designs in S, M, L, XL, XXL and many of them in 3XL, 4XL and 5XL. The stock and designs of our T-shirts is based on demand and we cycle New t-shirts about every 2 months. All Liquid Blue T-shirts are Officially licensed from Liquid Blue located in Derry, New Hampshire U.S.A they are definitely not some swap meet knockoffs. We also have book-bags, Ball-caps, Belts, Wallets and other Clothing Accessories.

People always ask us “Who did the art on the walls” So we decided to make a page dedicated to the Creative minds that adorn our humble establishment. Art, Creativity, Passion is the core of what motivates us here at this little shop. Does not matter if you are drawing, taking pictures, skateboarding, lifting weights, tattooing, painting or playing music it is something we love to see.

We have Displayed all kinds of different styles of artwork. On this page you will see some examples of artists we have had on display. We only want to spread the word for these local artists, not to mention the art looks bad ass on the walls. So if you like the art or would like to know more about the artist or have questions how to buy you can ask us here at SKITCH or check out the Art gallery page and contact them directly (Art Gallery page still under construction)

Creativity and Artistic expression has always been my number one reason and passion for all I do. Since we opened our doors in 2015 I have tried to get this shop to a place where I could offer local artists a place to show their artwork and possibly sell it to interested people. finally in 2018 I was able to offer this opportunity for the community. Since then we have sold many pieces of art that would not be normally seen in this area. It is good for us and good for the artist themselves. Working with the artist we find a good price we can sell the art for and they get to keep 100% of the profit. I do not keep one cent of the money from art gallery sales. The reason we have a Graffiti supply section is for this purpose we want to support and spread the creativity of people like peanut butter on a fresh piece of toast for all to enjoy. Starting at the end of January 2022 we will have a whole new group of artist in our gallery. Come on by and check out some of the pieces, maybe there is something you will like.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, well we love creating things and supporting creative people. Since Oct-2-2021 we have added a  graffiti art supply section. We have multiple sizes of high quality pre-stretched mounted canvas pieces that you can create anything that your heart desires on. we also have over 170 colors of Montana Spray-paint at great prices. Adding to the list we have different styles of spray nozzles for the spray paint as well as a huge selection of POSCA paint markers, pretty much every single style and tip in every color. We are pretty sure that if you are a graffiti artist you will find the materials you need to get that next piece created.

As every creative knows trying to make it as an artist is a real struggle, there are thousands of wonderfully creative people out there. we take that pretty serious here, that’s why we have a shop sponsorship program for people that are trying to get their business and or art started in a more serious manner. The sponsorship comes with great benefits and we think you would totally love the deal. so if you feel your art is in line with what we are doing here at the shop then feel free to contact us. Must be active on social media and must be able to show a portfolio of some sort, can be on any social media platform.

We have a 11 meter long handmade graffiti resin styled vape bar, pull up a stool take a load off and flap your gums with us maybe  listen to some music & hang out for a bit.


The quick we have short-fill premium vape juice (already mixed you only need to add some nicotine) , salt nic, vape bars are available in 20% Nic , salt Nic devices, mods, tanks, coils, RDA, RDTA, batteries, chargers, cotton, wire, kits pretty much everything you need to vape. We do not sell “Base or Flavor shots A.K.A do it yourself Juices”


At any given time you will be able to choose from 450-550 different premium flavors by world class brands. We normally have on stock 130 different flavors in disposable vape bars, 120 flavors in Salt Nic, 200 different flavors in 60ml bottles,  175 different flavors in 120ml bottles.


We take pride in finding the best TPD2 approved juices from the USA, Canada,UK and the EU. We have been testing and using these vape juices for over 7 years, we are very certain you will find plenty of flavors that will tickle your tastebuds. If you aren’t sure what you want we will gladly help you find a juice that you will love.


Since we import about 95% of all the products in the shop when our stock is out there is a small gape between restock, but rest assured if we are selling it it will be restocked. All of our Short-Fill (Shake & Vape)  juices are 0mg nicotine, they have enough room to mix 3mg of nicotine into them if you would like to.

We have designated places in the shop so you can mix your juices & if you need assistance setting up your device just let us know. We cannot put your device together for you however we will gladly assist you. If you are looking for a higher nicotine levels like 6mg, 9mg, 12mg (that is 20mg or less) we will make sure you get everything you need to make that happen.


The EU legal limit for Vape Juice is 20mg (2%) you cannot make your juice stronger with the products we carry. Most people that are used to higher nic levels choose to use Salt Nic which is sold in 10ml bottles and are already mixed together with 20mg nicotine.


Due to the Hygiene laws in Germany we do not offer flavor testing (Taste, Vape or Smell). This is because all Vape juices must remained sealed to sell to a customer. Once the seal is broken we are not allowed to sell it to you.


How do we choose what flavors to carry? When we are deciding to carry a new juice we hand out samples to about 10-15 customers and based on their feedback we determine if we will sell it in the shop. Most juice brands and flavors were recommended by customers just like you. So if you have had a juice and it was amazing let us know, we will gladly check and see if its on the TPD2 list. Who know maybe we can carry it.


Our electronics selection is not bad either, we do not carry every single brand however we do carry a large selection of solid mid-top shelf tanks and devices. We also carry everything you need for your mech mods such as devices RDAs or RDTAs, cotton, wire and build kits. We also have replacement glass for most tanks and coils for your tanks.

Since 2017 we have been the trusted shop for Hemp  products in the Grafenwöhr area. All of our Hemp Products are 100% organic and fair trade. No matter if you are curious about Hemp products or a seasoned veteran of these products we are sure we will have something for you. And if you have any questions our staff is very knowledgeable in this subject and will be able to assist you getting what you need.

Please do your research don’t be afraid to ask any shop if this product has third party tests done on it. At our shop we only import 100% USA and European Union approved legal Hemp Products. There has been a wave of “Illegal” Synthetic products flooding our “Organic CBD” market here in Bavaria and in many places in the EU. These products are in fact called K2, Spice, Zombie, Synthetic Marijuana and they are sold as CBD, it is not at all CBD. Many smaller companies or home made products will not have any labels or safety information. Just be smart and ask, if it feels shady it probably is.Upon request we have all the 3rd party lab test for every one of our Organic Hemp products. If you have to worry about being Drug tested then don’t use these products. If you have to ask “Will I piss hot?” then this product is not for you.


Even though “Industrial HEMP” products are legal in ALL 50 States and Almost all the EU that doesn’t mean that your place of employment allows you to use them. So act accordingly.

All of the Hemp products we sell are 100% compliant with German Law and are 100% natural, no synthetic products. Our products are 100% Legal in Germany, All of our hemp products are third party Lab tested this information available on request.

100% ID check. on all Vape and CBD products

CBD People have reported that for them CBD is non-impairing or non-euphoric. It doesn’t cause a “high.” However, it may produce many physical benefits, such as reducing pain and nausea, preventing seizures, and easing migraine. Many different CBD plants have different variations of Terrapins. CBD comes in Sativa and Indica forms. CBD is not sold as a product that will help you, it is not a medicine.

Indicas: People have reported that for them Indica is more for Relaxing and Sleeping perfect for a lazy Sunday and more like and are typically associated with full-body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia. Better for Chronic pain not so much Acute Pain although can help with that as well.


Sativas: People have reported that for them Sativa is more likely to provide uplifting and are known for their invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus.

We do not sell any Synthetic Products. And we do not sell Delta-9, THCP, HHC or THC-O

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