At any given time you will be able to choose from 450-550 different premium flavors by world class brands. We normally have on stock 100 different flavors in disposable vape bars, 120 flavors in Salt Nic, 200 different flavors in 60ml bottles,  175 different flavors in 120ml bottles. We take pride in finding the best TPD2 approved juices from the USA and UK. We have been testing and using these vape juices for over 7 years, we are very certain you will find plenty of flavors that will tickle your tastebuds.


Since we import about 95% of all the products in the shop when our stock is out there is a small gape between restock, but rest assured if we are selling it it will be restocked.


All of our Short-Fill (Shake & Vape)  juices are 0mg nicotine, they have enough room to mix 3mg of nicotine into them if you would like to. We do not mix your juice for you at this shop. You also cannot mix your juice in the shop. If you are looking for a higher nicotine level (that is 20mg or less) we do have the things you need to make that happen. 


The EU legal limit for Vape Juice is 20mg (2%) you cannot make your juice stronger with the products we carry. Most people that are used to higher nic levels choose to use Salt Nic which is sold in 10ml bottles and are already mixed together with 20mg nicotine. 

Due to the Hygiene laws in Germany we do not offer flavor testing (Taste, Vape or Smell). This is because all Vape juices must remained sealed to sell to a customer. Once the seal is broken we are not allowed to sell it to you.

How do we choose what flavors to carry? When we are deciding to carry a new juice we hand out samples to about 10-15 customers and based on their feedback we determine if we will sell it in the shop. Most juice brands and flavors were recommended by customers just like you. So if you have had a juice and it was amazing let us know, we will gladly check and see if its on the TPD2 list. Who know maybe we can carry it. 


Our electronics selection is not bad either, we do not carry every single brand because the cheap ones don’t last and we have deemed them unworthy. however we do carry a large selection of solid mid-top shelf brands and devices.