Rules and Regulations of our Vape Shop

When visiting our shop there are a few laws and regulations we (you & us) must abide by. Because of these rules and regulations we run our shop a little differently than you may be may be accustomed to. This is in fact a German business therfore we fall under German and EU laws. And before you say “that’s so F*****g stupid” we happily invite you to the Club lol.

TPD2 (EU) & FDA (USA) Vaping Laws we follow

  1. Vape shops are prohibited to sell anything related to Vaping to anyone under 18 years of age. WE CARD
  2. Vape shops are prohibited to sell e-liquid that exceeds 20mg (2%) nicotine.
  3. Vape shops are prohibited to sell e-liquid with nicotine pre-mixed that exceeds 10ml in size.
  4. Vape shops are prohibited to sell e-liquid to a customer that the safety seal has been broken because the e-liquid is considered a food product, and must remain sealed from Manufacturer to end consumer.
  5. Vape shops are prohibited to perform repairs on vape devices.
  6. Vape Shops are prohibited to sell single coils unless the package is sold as one single coil.
  7. Vape shops are prohibited from filling any closed-system devices.
  8. Vape shops are allowed to show and explain the use of an ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) product without assembling the product.
  9. Vape Shops are allowed to have e-juice testing however they prohibit selling an open bottle of e-juice to the customer. so many vape shops have stopped the flavor testing due to this regulation. There are also strict hygiene laws that make it difficult to offer this service.
  10. Although the FDA/TPD has shared that replacing coils for customers in vape shops are allowed, they also share that anything other than the stock coils included in the package (or for that particular product) is prohibited, meaning vape shops are not allowed to build coils for customers.

What does that mean for you the customer

  1. Regardless of the rules below, if you have any questions or problems with your device please come back to the shop we will do all we can to assist you.
  2. We do not sell any nicotine strength over 20mg (2%) and there is no way to make it stronger
  3. We will not mix / You cannot mix the nicotine into your e-liquid in the shop. You can ask us to open your bottles after you have purchased them, and you can mix the juice outside and then come back inside the shop.
  4. We do not offer the taste bar or taste testing, if we open a bottle for you to test we cannot sell you that bottle. All open bottle have to be dated on time it was opened and can only stay on the shelf for testing for a set amount of time we then have to throw it away, it is very fiscally irresponsible.
  5. We do not sell single coils because the coils must remained in a tamper proof box and packaging.
  6. We will assist you on how to use your device, but we cannot put it together for you.
  7. Due to counterfeit devices flooding the market, any unsealed device that has left the shop may not be returned for any reason. you must return the device to manufacturer with receipt of purchase time of warranty. Manufacturers warrenty time limit varies. Please read your pamphlet included in your devices box.
  8. If you have your receipt and the sealed device you may return it for store credit, within 30 days of initial purchase. See Warranty & Returns