The dreaded return policy… This is the awkward conversation that no shop wants to have with their customers. But it’ll be way more awkward if we gloss over this part—don’t you think? Look, we want you to be happy, satisfied. And if you know us, you’ll know that we’ll do just about everything in our power to make sure of that. But at the end of the day, we’re limited by the policies of our suppliers and manufacturers. And unless we want to go out of business, our own policies have to reflect these limitations. So please read our return policy carefully.


Our General Warranty

Our general warranty comes into effect the moment you purchase something from us, and remains in effect for 30 calendar days from purchase.

Please if your Product is not sealed or open, for example you have purchased a display or clearance product at a discount price please inspect your items carefully before you leave the store, as wear and tear, scuffs, and scratches will automatically void your warranty. You may return any item for store credit as long as you have your proof of purchaes (receipt) and it is still sealed from manufacture for example Tanks, Mods, Coils, Battery Chargers. NO RECIPT NO STORE CREDIT OR EXCHANGE.


Not covered by the shops general warranty

Consumable items (e-liquid, tanks, coils, batteries, accessories, and parts)
Damaged devices (improper usage, water damage, drops, abuse, wear and tear)
Cosmetic issues
Tank leaks, dry hits, or shorted coils
Units functioning up to spec (i.e. you changed your mind)
Modified products
Software issues
Using improper or damaged battery in device
Clearance items


Is covered by the shops general warranty

Dead on Arrival (DOA) devices such as not turning on
Screen malfunctions
Chip issues (auto-firing, not recognizing any atomizers, “low battery” on a fully charged battery)
Manufacturing defects
Internal battery defects (if applicable)


All of this comes down to your device being defective. Basically, if you received a lemon, we will  switch it out for you. But if your device has any visible damage or signs of improper usage, we won’t be able to offer a replacement. This is because none of our suppliers will accept returns on visibly damaged or misused items. NO RECIPT NO STORE CREDIT OR EXCHANGE.


Determining warranty coverage

In order to determine whether or not your device is covered by our shop warranty, we will go through a  troubleshooting process. We have two big reasons for doing this. Firstly, most warranty claims are not actually defective units. They’re usually fairly simple issues that can be resolved. Secondly, in order for returns to be processed with our suppliers and manufacturers, we have to meet their conditions. Devices much match the number of the devices original box. If you threw away your box, then you threw away your warranty.


General inquiry

Was the device working out of the box?
When did the problem first arise?
Can the problem be replicated?


Visual inspection

Is the exterior damaged, scuffed, scratched, or bent?
Is the battery door in good condition?
Are the battery terminals damaged or shifted?
Are the 510 pin, seal, and threading damaged?
Are there signs of water damage?
Are there signs of fire damage?
Does it smell like burnt plastic?



Does the issue persist with different tanks?
Does the issue persist with different batteries?
Are the device settings correct?
Can the issue be resolved with a firmware update/downgrade?
If you are visiting our store, keep in mind that this process may take up to 30 minutes. So please plan your visit accordingly.


Store credit & Exchanges

Sealed items ONLY: Items still sealed in the original manufacturer’s packaging can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Receipt must be present to process returns. Product serial number must match to the serial number on the receipt. If your item is covered under our shop warranty, you are eligible to exchange it for a sealed item of the same SKU (if the item is in-stock), a SKU of equal value, or store creditNO RECIPT NO STORE CREDIT OR EXCHANGE.


Final Sale Products

Because a large percentage of vaping products are consumable/cannot be officially refurbished, their manufacturers do not accept returns. So vape store policies have to reflect this as well. As such, the following products are final sale
Drip tips
Rebuildable products