People always ask us “Who did the art on the walls” and we are always telling them how to get art from the artists. So we decided to make a page dedicated to the Creative minds that adore our humble establishment. Art, Creativity, Passion is the core of what motivates us here at this little shop. Does not matter if you are drawing, taking pictures, skateboarding, lifting weights, tattooing, painting or playing music it is something we love to see. On the shop walls we have art work from all kinds of artists. Below are the artists we have currently hanging on the walls, some of the prints or original artwork are for sale, and if they are not for sale we will help you get a piece from the artist. All proceeds go directly to the artist we do not keep any of the money. We only want to spread the word for these local artists, not to mention the art looks bad ass on the walls. So if you like the art or would like to know more about the artist or have questions how to buy you can ask us here at SKITCH or follow the links to their official IG accounts and write them there. Have a blessed day and Keep smiling.

The art that is on our walls