The very most important thing for us is that you are a good person, we care more about your personality and passion than how good you are at skateboarding. We don’t have time to hang out with devious untrustworthy ass clowns. So…if you have your moral compass in working order. You are a down to earth, chill, honest & trustworthy person. Who lives their life respectful of all types of humans and creatures of this great planet, then we are interested in talking to you. All other punks don’t bother we don’t want you on the team.

So you love skateboarding like us and you want to be on our team, well you came to the right place. Here you will find out everything you need to know about getting sponsored by the shop.

We trade material goods for your time and Social media content reach. Basically when you make a post about skateboarding you will tag us and promote the shop. in return you get hats hoodies t-shirts skateboards and hardware to support your love for what you do. It is a win win, you won’t need to buy Hardware and we get some extra social media coverage. We look at it like instead of us paying Google, Instagram or Facebook for advertising we invest in the local community. If you are interested in being sponsored and you think you fit into our shop style please write send us a messege on Instagram and send us some short clips of you skateboarding. We will see what happens, maybe we will be working together 🙂


This is our entry sponsorship level and for people who aren’t in the local community. The skate shop sponsorship obligations vary but are usually light and you would represent us wearing branded apparel and by submitting media (videos and photographs) for use in our social media advertising campaigns. A simple explanation of this sponsorship involves the provision of discounted merchandise and shop gear in exchange for a commitment to use that merchandise or equipment at public skate parks or local competitions & in your social media accounts. (first step in sponsorship for everyone and out of town skaters and for semi active on social media)

This is the second level of sponsorship here at the shop, that means you showed us you are invested in our shop and skateboarding and we would like to give you more goodies for all your support. Amateur skateboard sponsorship involves a higher discount of shop merchandise and provision of  hardware, equipment and Shop apparel along with the occasional payment of travel and accommodation or living expenses when representing us in an out of town competition or function.

A sponsored amateur will commonly exchange marketing rights to their image for shop flowed skateboarding equipment and other merchandising and or skateboard products that is no cost to the sponsored athlete. (Local skaters only).

This is the highest level of sponsorship here at the shop, that means you are down like 4 flat tires. You are as invested in the shop as we are in you. Amateur II skateboard sponsorship involves a higher discount of shop merchandise and provision of  offical “Flowed” apparel, hardware and merchandise from different brands and hardware, equipment and Shop apparel along payment of travel and accommodation or living expenses when we attend of town competition or functions.

The requirements of the Amateur II gets a little more serious,  such as providing pictures & videos for social accounts, meeting up for skate sessions, making team skate videos and attending Shop functions. But in return you will receive a whole bunch of Brand name & Shop “Flowed” skateboarding equipment, merchandise, apparel and when I say a whole bunch, I mean it’s a pretty dope deal. (Local skaters only)

A little info for legal reasons

All three levels of sponsorship have these things in common You are a team member and you skate for SKITCH. None of the levels of sponsorship allow you to say you are sponsored by anyone but the shop (you can be sponsored by other shops). Even if you are receiving products through us from big name brand companies (Flowed) you are not skating for those brands. Just for example you cannot say you are sponsored by DC Shoes because you are not, you are sponsored by the shop. However if you are Amateur II and we have arranged for you to receive products from DC Shoes you are allowed to say “Flowed by @dcshoes” just for legal reasons you are 100% Sponsored by SKITCH and no one else. If you have any questions just ask 🙂

Love peace & chicken grease

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