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Small batch hot sauces

Skitch has a team of hot sauce enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing the heat and flavor to Germany. Chris and Graham have a rich family tradition when it comes to their love for spicy food, so they understand what it takes to create a quality hot sauce. When they realized it was difficult to find hot sauces in Germany that truly packed a punch, they set out on a mission to scout the internet and find the best sauces from all over the world.

The Skitch team has curated an impressive selection of over 176 different hot sauces from small-batch companies all around the world, including the USA, France, Holland, Canada, Germany, and more. They take pride in supporting the arts, even in the culinary world.

Their selection of sauces ranges from “mild heat” to “soul burn” and even includes their personal favorite, “poor life choices.” Some of their most popular hot sauces include Hell Fire Detroit, Rising Smoke, Murder Hornet, Flash Point, Flavor & Fire, Crazy Bastard, Burns & McCoy, Let’s Salsa, Not that Spicy, PEKOCKO, Badger’s Chili Kitchen, Weymouth 51, White Whale, Angry Irishman, El Jefe and Cooper’s Small Batch, 4/20 Chili Co and OULA Hot Sauce. Skitch invites you to come and get yourself a bottle of their amazing hot sauces and join in their love for the hot sauce arts. See everything we currently have in stock on our Online Menu

Moonshine & Assorted Spirits

Currently we sell Moonshine and this section will be updated soon with more info. But if you are wondering yes we have moonshine in the shop for sale from O’donnells moonshine and Rocket Fuel Moonshine. No this is not illegal, it is the “legal moonshine” not the stuff your great gran pappy use to make (but its fdamn close)

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