People that do awesome things

Skate Crew


From: Grafenwöhr, DE
Age: 32
Style: Street, Park
Stance: Regular


From: Santa Barbara, CA
Age: 30
Style: Street & Park
Stance: Regular


From: Bayreuth, DE
Age: 29
Style: Street
Stance: Goofy


From: Bronx, NY
Age: 23
Style: Street & Park
Stance: Regular


From: Wagoner, OK
Age: 21
Style: Street & Lil’ Park
Stance: Regular


From: CA, USA
Age: 19
Style: Bowls & Park
Stance: Goofy


From: Stuttgart, DE
Age: 25
Style: Park
Stance: Goofy


Shop Crew


Hi my name is Chris, I am the owner of this little shop and the big bearded guy with tattoos who you see in the photos on our page. I am originally from White Post, Virginia and a 19Kilo veteran of the United States Army. I started this business in 2008 and have constantly worked to improve and expand it since that time. If you need help or have questions pertaining to graphic design, skate, vape, or anything related to the shop, I am your man. Skating Old school Goofy foot Mongo since 1984.


Graham A.K.A Gator is from Gulfport, Mississippi. He is a 44Bravo veteran of the United States Army. He has a wide variety of abilities including electrical work, crafting some items in our store, and great customer service skills. Graham started working with us full time on 1 January 2020, but he has been volunteering his time at the shop since 2015. He is usually the first face you will see when you come in the shop. Cruising Goofy foot on Skateboards since 1990.


Chloé Hails from California and she is super upbeat and Friendly. She is the new kid on the block but has a lot to offer. Chloé skates and is also on our skate team so you might see her at one of the local skate spots from time to time. She is always down to help out and we are super happy to have her with us at the shop. It is great having another cali girl in the shop 🙂 Dont give her too much guff on the vape stuff she is still learning. She has been skating Goofy footed since 2019.


Sophie is a local Gal from Grafenwöhr and has been coming around the shop since 2015, pretty much since we opened. She started out as one of the many local kids that would come to the shop and look at all the skate stuff. She would also help out from time to time. Now we are happy to say she will be joining the Skitch Crew full time. We are very stoked she is here to help and hang out! 

Helpie Helpertons


Jasi is a irreplaceable person and has helped out with so many things for this business since 2012. Jasi has folded 1000’s of shirts, Cut hundreds of Hand made Clothing tags for the old CTS Skate brand, went on Shop trips as the Photographer. She has helped with translations, initial set up of all products in the shop. Inventory and ordering, As well as helping with the website colors and graphics. She is an all around super bad ass person.


Nina doesn’t work here however she has given so much time and effort to this shop. From appearing in the early days as a model for our Skate Brand, to coming into the shop and helping with restocking orders and just whatever she can help with. She has been around here since 2015. She is awesome!! So you might see her in here one day helping out.


Eve is always coming through in a pinch. Since 2019 if we had some “Surprise” busy day here at the shop she will come in and help out. She is great and we are suuuuper thankful for her time and effort. She is also the better half of Graham lol