All customers must provide a valid ID & Proof of Recovery or Vaccination (Official Paperwork or COVID-Pass QR-Code) for COVID.  We do not accept photos of Vaccination Documentation or the hand written yellow shot record books. If you have a QR-Code that was given to you from the Apotheke, and it does not scan you have to go back to the Apotheke and have then reissue a new one. Customers must wear a FFP2 mask when entering the shop, you must remain 1.5 meters apart from other customers. We are not here to argue with you about anything, if you don’t have the proper documentation we are not allowed to help you. The penalties for not following the rules here in Germany are severe. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

You can use Euros and we also accept almost all types of Credit, Debit, EC Card payments and electronic payment methods such as Google & Apple Pay. We do not accept American Express or U.S Dollars.

The Shop is open Tuesday-Friday 11:00-19:00 Saturday 10:00-14:00. We are closed on all German Holidays, if you are unsure please check out our Instagram for updates.

We are evenly split, with fluent native English and German speakers.

Everything you need to skate, decks, risers, trucks, bushings, wheels, bearings, grip tape, wax, completes, longboards, helmets & accessories. we also have a baby mini ramp to try out your new deck. We also carry vape devices, juice, vape bars, 20mg salt nic, coils, cotton accessories. We have almost everything you need to vape. In the apparel section we have ball caps, book bags, belts, wallets, Liquid Blue rock and roll t-shirts as well as DC T-shirts & hoodies. We also carry spray paint and Graffiti supplies for artists as well as paint markers and canvas. In our shop you will also find art work by local artists and they are all for sale. Hemp section has a nice selection of flower, oils, rolling papers, bowls, screens and rerolled CBD joints and blunts all imported from the U.S.A

We are not on post, however we are right outside gate 3. Go left out of Gate 3 and after you go over the railroad tracks we are the green building on the left.

Yes there is plenty of parking on the street, we are located at Neue Amberger Str. 54 right on the Main Street going through Grafenwöhr.

100% Wheelchair accessible And we couldn’t be happier.

First You have to be located in Bavaria, second you have to contact us on Facebook, Instagram or come to the shop with pictures of your art. If your Art fits what we are looking for we will hang it in the shop for free.

Yes we have a team you can see them on the Team page. If you are interested in being sponsored by us check out the Sponsorship Info Page.

We are always interested in meeting people that want to work at the shop. If you are interested just contact us and ask for Chris. You must have a German work permit or be a German Citizen to work here.

No we do not, we stopped doing tattoos in 2018.