Yes! We are evenly split, with fluent native English and German speakers.

Our website is a reflection of what we do in our Brick and mortar shop, it is not a online business. To buy anything on this website you have to be physically in the shop. Because of our location we have many people from many countries that visit this shop ie. Spanish, Croatians, Germans, Hungarian, Russians, Polish, Turkish, Austrian, French, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Czech, Slovakian, Serbian….. okay you get the point. There is no way possible at this time we can put the web site in all the languages. so we chose the most spoken one and it is English. But we do speak German ­čÖé

YES WE DO!! we accept EC-Card, Debit, V-Pay, VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

No I am sorry this is a German business and we only accept EURO CASH.

Yes we are Closed on German Holidays.

Yes we are open almost all US holidays (except the ones that are the same days a German holidays)

First You have to be Local (within 120km of the shop), Second you have to contact us via email, Facebook or come to the shop with pictures of your art. If your Art fits what we are looking for we will hang it in the shop.

If we take your art and hang it in the shop, we will make it available for purchase based on the price you set. We do not keep any money made from your artwork if sold. We also do not charge you to have it here, we want to bring your art to more people.

Your artwork will be displayed for 6 months. if it is not sold you will be asked to pick it back up. You are allowed 2 pieces of art per 6 months. if a piece gets sold you may have the option to put a new piece in the shop. However you are still only allowed 6 months.

you just have to wait 6 months, then you can be in the shop again. All art displayed is at the shops discretion time frame can be extended.

Yes we will, if you go to the gallery section of this web site you will see pictures of the art currently in the shop. in the description is a small exerpt about the artist and social links, and contact info.

No we are not, but wouldn’t that be cool lol ­čÖé we are located right off post

Yes there is parking on the street right out side the shop and more parking within 30 seconds of the shop.

Yes we have a team you can see them on the Team page. If you are interested in being sponsored by us check out the Sponsorship Info Page.

No we do not, but if you call ahead we would gladly have someone come outside and see what we can do to assist you.

From Oct-2-2021 our New shop will be 100% Wheelchair accessible And we couldn’t be happier.

What the heck is “Vapes”? The machine, the Coil, Tank ? Juice???? Yes we have all of that. it is kinda like asking a restaurant do you have “foods”

Yes we have coils, What kind of tank do you have? (if you don’t know this answer you need to find out)

Yes we do, Actually 99% of our juices are Nicotine free (we want you to kick the Nic Addiction)

In Europe all bottles of juice bigger than 10ml are zero nicotine. We have Nicotine booster shots that you can mix with your juice to get to your desired Strength.

We do not offer this service

No, No and oh yeah No. we aren’t saying you are a deviant person but we will not hit your vape. (it is a hygiene thing and we do not know what kind of things you put in your tank)

We like to leave the chemistry and know how to the professionals. At our shop we focus more on Premium juices. We carry many known tried and true juices from the U.K, U.S.A and other parts of the world.

You will only be able to find get 20mg strength (2% USA measurement) because that is the German legal limit.

No I am sorry we do not do tattoos here anymore, we stopped doing tattoos the 23-Nov-2018

No we have not offered this service for 4 years.

No I am sorry we do not. Maybe someday.

We are always looking for good people to join the crew. However you have to speak German & English Fluently also you have to have a German work permit. If you are unsure call the shop and ask for Chris.

No, I am really sorry about this but, we do not have time or man power to make this happen.